What Is Your Secret Gift?

Isn’t life strange?

We think we have all the time in the world. Then something happens.

Something that is unexpected.

Something that alters our perspective.

Something that shakes us to our very core.

Maybe it is a sudden loss of a job. A financial crater. Relocation. Business failure. Divorce. Auto accident. Death of family members.

I’ve experienced all of these during my life. But nothing turned my head as much as the stroke… being on the brink of death… that happened just over one year ago. And that is why I’m writing this down.

All these life events are God trying to get your attention. At times we need to go so low before we lookup.

In case you don’t know the story or are sharing this post with a friend (I hope you will!) here is what happened.

The day before my birthday in September 2017, my husband Charles took me to the Apple store to get a watch I have been eyeing as a gift. Right in the middle of the store, I had a stroke.

I collapsed. I could not speak. I could not use my right side of my body. I was unconscious. I don’t remember everything, but remember the EMT screaming at me to stay awake and speak on the ride to the ER.

I could not form words. I’m sure I uttered some very strange sounds!

After the ER, there was intensive care (which I remember very little), then Urgent care and then 3 weeks in physical therapy at the hospital.  Months continued with learning to use a wheelchair, a walker, a cane, walking on my own, and through to full physical recovery by finally driving a car by myself again.

I am so grateful for my dear husband Charles, close friends, family, work colleagues, all the medical and physical therapy professionals and God for bringing me back to life. This was a group endeavor to get me to full recovery. I did not do it by myself.

That six-month timeline for my recovery was not an accident. I had a goal. I desperately wanted to stand up next to my husband and present at our second Your Message Conference. 

And this brings me to today and the purpose of this post to you.

God has given you creativity. And with the sounds that you utter, the words you write, the images you produce, to have the ability to influence the world around you.

No time in history have we been given such outlets, tools or privilege to voice our thoughts.

I urge you to NOT take this gift of creativity for granted.

Time is so short.


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