The Best Cure For Challenges

A steaming surprise arrived at the table.

I anticipated an excellent steak dinner that night, but I received more than I expected. Nestled in a cloth napkin, I discovered a piping hot popover!

Years later during the recovery from my stroke, I decided I would dedicate some time to reproducing those delightful popovers in my kitchen. (I’m not sure why -- I’m just a home cook.)

So I watched a lot of YouTube videos. I browsed through cookbooks. And I used Google to discover the different recipes, from the British version of Yorkshire pudding to the American version of popovers.

I purchased a popover pan. And then it was time to start.

The challenge with these unique treats is to get them to rise. They need an outside that is crunchy golden brown and an inside that is moist and airy.

So I started making them for Charles. Many batches did not rise. Some batches had a few that I would rate poor to moderately successful.

I even made them for guests during holiday dinners.  Most missed the mark. But my dinner guests were cordial about my small rolls. (And I was embarrassed that they were not the high hatted treat I was aspiring too!)

But I was undaunted. I tried, again and again, using different methods and slight variations. I wanted consistently perfect popovers.

Once again, I was bold when I added popovers to the menu for our guests last weekend.

Into the oven went the batter, as we continued our conversation and munched on cheese and crackers.

I turned on the oven light to watch their progress.  I glanced occasionally over my shoulder to see if they were rising. Five minutes,,, ten minutes,,,, fifteen minutes and nothing. Oh no! I was doomed again!

And behold, finally, they started rising!  All of them got SO tall that they leaned over in genuine popover style. And the texture and taste were just right. They were a hit!

That mini-success has gone a very long way for me. Four months ago I could not stand without a walker.  Now I created something I have never done before. It lifted my spirits and helped me on my path to recovery.

Events in life will knock you down. Progress can be so slow that it is unbearable. Circumstances may seem unchangeable.

But I find creating something new goes a very long way. It puts a smile on your face and a new memory in your mind.

We are made in the image of God. He is the Creator. And when we use our creativity -- joy fills us.

No matter what your challenge, take some time to enjoy creating with your Creator! Even popovers!


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