How To Know When Its Time To Exit

We are taught in life how to start. How to get into college. How to get a job. How to start a business.

However, there is little about the endings. About exiting.

There are graduations. But it seems like once we get on a track, we will ride that train for 40 plus years until we hit the magic number called retirement.

That is the only time we celebrate an end.

Please be aware that there are some things I am not advocating leaving. Like the core areas of your life. Your faith. Your marriage. So let's put them aside for this conversation.

I’m talking about clearly seeing the delta between what you are doing now and where your heart is telling you to be.

Change has been a fascinating topic for me and I have written a lot about it over the years in my personal journal. My life has taken massive swings of seasons.  And through every life change, I have written down my prayers, thoughts, and attitudes.

There are several things that I have noticed that I would like to share with you.

The sweetest place to be is where there is an easy choice. That is where an event happens and it is an easy choice. A company seeks you out. You are recruited for a new role. The way is cleared for you. You fall into that ideal situation.

It is tougher to be on the brink of disaster, where you wait and wait until the decision is made for you. You have a physical disaster. You get ill or have an accident. The government changes the rules. You get fired. You get passed over. Your own company goes belly up. In this situation, the decision happens and you don’t seem responsible for it. It was forced upon you.

Both of these options have outside influences seemingly making decisions for us. We are caught in the flow of events and move with the current.

But exit plans are the hardest. They are self-initiated and planned in advance. We make the hard decision. We follow what is at the very core of our soul. We pray for God’s guidance. And we are put a lot of thought into them.

They never seem very logical to other people. They may say we are in a great situation. Why rock the boat?

They may seem very frightening to us. For although we make plans, we never know how they will work out.

They may be financially draining, which is highly countercultural in our money-based society.

I have not always had exit plans. I have drifted in circumstances too long. I have felt the frustration of the situation. I have had sleepless nights of not knowing which way to turn to get out. I have been shocked at being terminated.

But I must say that in all of these situations there were warning signs that I choose to ignore. And I waited too long until an outside event made the decision for me.

Sometimes those warning signs were clear. Sometimes like whispers. Other times so loud that they roared at me. Rarely, when I look in hindsight, were they all complete surprises.

But I believe that it was God trying to break through to me to get my attention. I chose to ignore it until He had to rearrange things in a dramatic way. Until I had no choice but to follow His will.

If you sense some discord in your activities. If you yearn to be somewhere else than in the situation you find yourself right now. If you feel abused or mistreated. If you are being pushed to follow someone else mission or values or plans and not what is in your heart, I ask you to stop right now.

Write the words Exit Plan on a piece of paper or in your journal. Start writing down the possibilities. Alternatives. Ideas.

Ask God for His will and His timing.

You have a choice to follow God’s path for you. And exits lead to entrances.

Let me know what you think about this post. Let me know if you have any comments. I’d love to hear from you!


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