Always The Strong One

I have always been the strong one.

- Standing watch at 3:00 am on our sailboat.
- Living in the rough and tumble world of NYC.
- Being the caregiver for my father during his last days.
- Being an entrepreneur, repeatedly.

I guess the fact that my sister suffered an illness that took her life in her early 20s, taught me that I had to be the strong one.

But the stroke I had in 2017, showed me what it was like to be weak. It was not something I could just change in a minute with grit and determination.

I was totally broken. I had never felt so weak in my life.

Afterward, my systems were so weak, I had to have people teach me how to do the most basic things.

How to raise my arm.  How to dress.  How to walk.

Looking back now, I saw that God was giving me a valuable experience. Dependency - a word that is not viewed as positive in today's culture.

God taught me to empathize with people in physical and emotional trials. He taught me that others loved me so much that they would help me in my distress. And he taught me that His power is made perfect in my weakness. 

Be strong in your weakness. These can be your most valuable lessons.


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